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Ford announces plans to strengthen its European competitive position and sets a vision for the future.

Near term actions are under way to improve profitability and reduce structural costs and they incorporate a more targeted vehicle line-up from three divisions — commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and imports.     Further details.


Arjay Miller, Ford president from 1963-9 died in November, aged 101. He helped rescue the ailing company and oversaw introduction of the iconic Ford Mustang. Later he was appointed dean of the Stanford business school.


Bill Hayden, legendary Vice President of Manufacturing, Ford Europe died on August 11, 2015. He was 86.

Bill was born in 1929 in east London and in 1952 joined Briggs Motor Bodies, which was bought by Ford in 1953. He quickly rose through the ranks and by the mid-1970s was Manufacturing vice-president.

In 1990 he was appointed chairman of Jaguar, a year after it had been bought by Ford. He was not impressed by his new organisation. He told Automotive News, "It wasn't that Jaguar quality was bad, it was horrendous. It was a terrible organisation making terrible cars." But it was the force of Bill's personality and experience that brought Jaguar into the 20th century. He retired in 1992.


Tony Hodgson, formerly financial controller of the EAO Systems Office, died on 15th February. He was 70.

Tony joined Ford in 1969 and his first placement was with Product Development Systems. He soon transfered to Finance Staff, where he spent the rest of his career— in Product Development, Ford France, the EAO Treasury and finally in the Systems Office. He retired in 2003.


Graham Gooding, former Director of the EAO Systems Office died on 10th February. He was born in 1934 and brought up in Devon. He studied at the London School of Economics, and after graduation worked for Shell overseas.

After returning home, Graham joined Ford in 1965 as a finance manager. He worked in Ford Germany until 1979. In 1983 he was appointed Director of Systems for Europe. In 1995 he moved again, to Michigan as Director of worldwide Manufacturing Systems. He retired in 1997.

In retirement Graham began further study and was awarded a PhD by Templeton College, Oxford in 2006.

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