Nhagii on tour
Lisbon 2015
Barcelona 2014
Freiberg 2012
Wien 2011
Madrid 2010
York 2009
Berlin 2008
Dresden 2007
Bordeaux 2006
Bruges 2005
Valencia 2005
Mosel 2004
Ivy Hill 2004
Köln 2003
Köln 2002
Antwerp 2002


Nhagii is for those, now retired, who have worked within or with the Ford of Europe Systems Office or its successor organisations, Process Leadership and Information Technology. Nhagii stands for 'Now here's a good idea–international' but is otherwise a meaningless word.

Nhagii was established in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic drinkers at the Bell Inn at Woodham Walter, as the photograph here shows.

It continues to arrange regular lunches in Essex and occasional trips around Europe. Join us if you qualify and are still mobile.


Nhagii 2019–FoE Systems Office retirees

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